Nature Therapy

Single-day retreats that open the heart and mind and feed the soul.

Why Nature Therapy?

Nature provides the perfect combination of soothing the nervous system, feeding the soul and filling the mind with creative wonder and awe. It taps into our innate yearning for adventure and provides a safe place for creative exploration and guidance.

Using metaphor to tap into unconscious aspects of yourself that may never have been able to be put into words before. Sometimes it feels like there have never been words... that’s because feelings are experienced in a different part of the brain, a part that has no words... so we need to be able to get the more cognitive, thinking brain to interpret and put into words, things that have had no words. 

This day provides the time, guidance and nurturing safe space to do this. It’s a beautiful, meaningful journey like no other.

Mary Rogers and Diane Lohrentz

Meet Mary and Diane

Mary Rogers is a Clinical Psychologist and a registered BWRT practitioner. Mary has a passion for understanding and managing depression and anxiety. She offers individual face-to-face and online therapy as well as unique Nature Therapy Day Retreat experiences.

Diane Lohrentz is a truly inspired Christian counsellor and life coach. She has a special gift of connecting with people in a completely down-to-earth non-judgmental and deeply meaningful way.  Diane offers individual face-to-face and online sessions as well as Teenage groups in the forest and unique Nature Therapy Day Retreat experiences.

“Nature can be a very wonderful, wise teacher…
if we open our hearts and take the time to listen.”

Nature Therapy Retreats



"Oh my gosh… I am VERY VERY glad I came on the retreat… I would recommend it to anyone to do the retreat with the two of you! It outstrips ANYTHING I have EVER done before!! (and I have done many, many, many self-help courses and workshops in the past)."

"THANK YOU doesn’t describe it enough. You touched my core, but more importantly – you helped me find ways to do it too and confront the authenticity and self-acceptance that I need. You make such a great team, complementing each other in your own style and speciality, yet leading us to where you need us to go. Made me feel welcome, relaxed, safe and not judged. And felt something else too, that I hadn’t felt for a long time – fun, excitement, possibilities, adventure!"

"Thank you so much for creating a  home for us where we could share and be vulnerable. Thank you for being there for us. I thank our heavenly Father that He has put people there, like you two angels, to help other women. It is a privilege to be on this journey with you and I'm forever grateful."

"I really REALLY got a LOT out of the Retreat. It was completely different to what I thought it would be! I've always felt so much guilt and blame. I feel much calmer and more peaceful now... it's given me an understanding that my reactions are not because of some inner flaw. It's the closest I've ever been to feeling like I'm getting somewhere."